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Deja Vu? (deja vu?) 27 June 2009

Posted by splait in Uncategorized.

Some of you will notice, over the next couple of days, that posts here on this site look familiar.

Well, if you read my other blog, they will be.

I am moving all non-technical posts from blog.plaitsolutions.com to this blog.  The two blogs have separate purposes and I don’t want to confuse the people going to the other blog any longer.  It will be linked to my website and will be strictly technical from now on (well, after I get all the stuff moved over here, anyway).

I will use the words “Legacy Post” preceding the original titles so that you can just discard any emails you get if you don’t want to read them again.

Once more, thank you all for being here.

BTW, any and all comments are welcome.  If you have something to say, positive or negative, please do so through the “add a comment” link just under the title of the relevant post.  Keep it clean and keep it nice.  You are welcome to disagree, but if you get mean (and I decide what “mean” means), I will block the comment.  If you do it twice, I will lock you out.  Those are my rules.



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