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Step Right Up and Experience the Media Circus!! (Or, Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends) 27 June 2009

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To all of you who Googled Michael Jackson and found this site, welcome!  (I’ll get to him in a minute.)

To those of you who have been here before, thanks for sticking with me!

So.  Today I took a great seminar on how to take my business to the next level.  I picked up some really great techniques for doing that.  This post is not about that.

When I get up in the morning, I usually don’t watch commercial TV.  If anything, I watch Turner Movie Classics (commercial-free).  So I was not aware of what was going on.

I knew Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died yesterday, and both deaths left me a little sad.  The world had lost two extraordinary people.  No matter what you think of either of them, they contributed something to use, made our lives a little better.

That’s the last I will say about them here until the end of this post.

During an afternoon break, I went to the lobby of the conference center where CNN was on.  I watched, but I could only stand about three minutes of what I saw.  I was totally disgusted.

We have turned into a nation of peeping toms and ambulance chasers.

CNN had been running non-stop coverage and speculation about Michael Jackson’s death ALL DAY LONG!!!  All the speculation I heard was baseless (or based on rumor), people were being maligned and blamed through strong innuendo.

I heard one commentator say that MJ probably overdosed on drugs.  The implications of that statement could be huge and ruin someone’s reputation (hopefully the commentator’s, but not likely).  The talking head even said that Michael’s doctor would be questioned.

All based on rumor.  All innuendo.

Tonight, I turned on ABC World News Tonight (with Charlie Gibson – another of my heroes).  They dedicated a nice, tasteful, and short three minutes or so to all of this.

However, after that comes on Entertainment Tonight.

And I heard (true or not, I don’t know – more believable, though) that Michael took too many Demerol tablets last night after over-exerting himself.  Then, the idiot on the idiot box said something like “It looks like Michael Jackson may have died of a drug overdose”!


While that statement may be technically true, when someone uses the term “drug overdose”, my thoughts go to illegal drugs, not prescription drugs.  I suspect yours do, too.

Sensationalizing anyone’s death by using misleading terminology intentionally is one of the most heinous crimes committed by “journalists” and talk show hosts.

Don’t these people realize that many Americans (I won’t speak about other countries because I have no idea what they think or how this stuff is presented to them) take in all the crap they spew and believe much of it without question?  Look what happens when the talk radio people blather their hatred out to the masses – we get murders (e.g., the Holocaust Museum), mayhem (abortion clinics), and other hateful crimes that could be avoided if these people were human.   Well, many of them are not; they are just game show hosts, and there are people out there who hang on their every word.

It’s sad, but we have been heading for this for many years.  Maybe we deserve it, because we are so complacent that even our justice system can’t or won’t do anything about it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  This is pretty much a repeat of Princess Diana’s death and the garbage on the tube for days (weeks) afterward.

While Michael and Farrah were entertainers, they became icons in their own ways, and this is how we treat them – Farrah’s death is basically forgotten, and Michael’s is the headline news for The Inquirer, right between the two headed-baby and OctoMom.

I, for one, will no longer watch CNN, even if they have real news to report.  ET has been garbage for a long time.

Those of us with clear heads are obligated to fight the infotainment and talk radio establishment in some way, shape, or form.  We need to take back the Internet and get rid of the hate mongers.  I know we have freedom of speech, but these people are inciteful (NOT insightful), mean, rude, and are only interested in money and power.

I’m not sure how we do it legally, and that’s the only path I will take, but these people need to banned from TV, radio, and the Internet.

Any ideas on how to do that?  Anyone?

Anyway, this post is a start.



1. Thomas Siefert - 27 June 2009

The three best albums from Michael Jackson is without a doubt “Off The Wall”, “Thriller” & “Bad”, after those there was only sporadic glimpses of his genius. If anyone remain sceptical about his “genius” and think that it all came down to Quincy Jones just listen to the home demo of “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” on the Special Edition of “Off The Wall”. All instruments (cabasa, cowbells and bottles) was played by Michael, his sister Janet and his brother Randy.

What really struck in the news the last couple of days was statements made by Deepak Chopra: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/wire/sns-ap-us-michael-jackson-chopra,1,6211315.story

We already know that he’s a self serving New Age idiot, but he’s also a doctor. My question is: What happened to doctor-patient confidentiality?

2. splait - 28 June 2009

Thomas –

Was Chopra MJ’s doctor, or just a friend concerned over Michael’s health? I ran across this article


after I read your comment and it looks like their relationship was something of a friend/mentor thing, based on this article.

splait - 28 June 2009

BTW, Thomas, I found the Chopra letter I linked to in my previous reply to be VERY self-serving and not gracious at all. If Michael had been MY friend, I would not say a word about what we talked about. It isn’t anyone else’s business.

3. Thomas Siefert - 28 June 2009

The original news article where I first read Chopra’s comment were a lot more specific and stated that Chopra realised that MJ was dependant on prescription drugs while MJ was seeing Chopra as a patient. I have looked for that article for half an hour now, but it appears to have drowned in an ocean of other news articles about MJ and Chopra (some of them accusing Chopra of breaking the code of confidentiality).
Friends shouldn’t spill the beans either, so Chopra would get the red card either way.

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