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It’s a really hot day! Asphalt walking is not fun!! 25 July 2011

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My wife and I decided to go to one of the local farmers markets (FMs) in our area.  We live in the northern part of Fulton County, which houses the city of Atlanta in its heart.  When we got up this morning around 8am, it was in the upper 70s on the way to a predicted 95 degrees F.  Last week we went to the market in Roswell, so we chose the Alpharetta city market for today.

Alpharetta’s FM used to be in a small, tree-lined parking lot just off of the main crossroads in Alpharetta.  It was a bit of an obscure place, not seen from any of the main roads, but really only a block from City Hall.  The problem (I assume) with the location besides being a little hard to find for first-time visitors, is that the location really didn’t provide expansion room for the market.

So the City of Alpharetta decided this year to move the FM next door to City Hall, onto a treeless asphalt lot which is much larger than the original space.  There are a few more vendors than before.  However, in the summertime, we, the people who go to FMs to buy fresh produce, greenly raised meats, plants, and fresh-squeezed lemonade (good stuff!), are forced to walk on this very hot pavement, totally exposed to the sun, with no place to hide from the heat!  We were soaking wet with perspiration after about two minutes of our arrival.

The kicker, to me, is that the lot hasn’t been modified for planting trees!  I don’t get it.

Maybe they are planning to move the market to another location in the near future.  I haven’t seen or heard anything indicating that is a possibility.  Planting trees at this point on that space would either be expensive (buying trees large enough to make a difference in the short term, or useless (planting smaller trees that will take years to be big enough to help).

In the meantime, my guess is that the market won’t grow larger, even though there is space for it.  They probably will never generate much foot traffic there, meaning the vendors won’t be able to sell their goods as much as they’d like.  Why would buyers go there?

As much as I enjoyed tasting some of the pastries and salsas for sale there, and buying a few items, the overall experience was not terribly enjoyable.

In the US, many of us are ashamed of our political system.  We typically don’t get too many good choices to elect for office, especially at a national level, and we really don’t know who to vote for at the local level (city and county governments) because no one has much of a track record.  So, we get what we get – incompetence, political stalemates due to the inability of the different parties to get off of their collective platforms (read: asses) enough to make a positive difference for the average citizen, a shrinking middle class because we are obligated to carry the burden of government costs, increasing poverty, and political stupidity.

We get farmers markets in the middle of a big, asphalt parking lot with no trees.

It’s a raging tragedy.